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New Members

ChaoticWolf a posted Aug 27, 12
If you are new to Chaotic Syndicate, please take the time to signup and fill out your profile.

Website back online!!!

ChaoticWolf a posted Aug 27, 12
After the creation of the new Chaotic Syndicate "Tera Online" guild, the site is starting back up.

Email Notifications

ChaoticWolf a posted Dec 31, 11
Tired of getting all those email notifications?

Just Click Here and untick all the email notifications, but be sure to keep the Growl (Site notifications) enabled.
McSnuggles a good game bit dodgey but still...

Test Opening

ChaoticWolf a posted Dec 27, 11
This is a test opening that codrickqlder made, ignore the random music in the middle.

Akara a k ty for help badsama
badsama x Yeah man it was awesome as tho, Ive been talking to john and I'm gonna be helping you guys run this gig, so need an...
badsama x Very nice, In my opinion its a little bit slow and there wasn't a URL for the site, but other then that kick-arse g...
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